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Flatwood A young man wakes up in a dream. The world has changed. The people have changed. The Spirits of the Dead walk the Earth. The only question now is, "Is it really a Dream?"

Neltark and Willie Neltark and Willie is a humorous adventure comic set in outer space. Neltark is a slave sent to the prison planet Dreved where he meets, Willie, a happy-go-lucky fellow who does not see the glass as half full but rather overflowing with jubarow juice. Eventually, Willie gets bored of the whole prison thing and together they make their escape. Now with no money, no job, and wanted by several law enforcement authorities, Neltark and Willie must make their way in the galaxy.
Neltark and Willie

The Off Chance A tale of two guys and the quirky southern town beset by marauding bunnies and a gold fish bent on world domination.
The Off Chance

the outer circle A daily webcomic that breaks the 4th wall for your viewing pleasure.
the outer circle

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